See What Families Are Saying About Merle P.:

"Within the first few minutes of Merle arriving, I knew she would be a good fit for our family.  She was warm and kind.  I immediately felt at ease with her.  I had absolutely no prior experience with babies.  Merle was an excellent teacher, giving me alternatives in case I wanted to do differently.  She was always very respectful of my choices.  I credit his wonderful sleep habits to Merle's training.  She is an extremely loving, caring, and competent person, she takes her job seriously.  She would look after my son as she would her own.  She is very enjoyable and wonderful to be around and always knew when to give us alone time as a family. Merle is a wonderful Baby Nurse in absolutely every aspect."
___________________________________________Meredith M., Houston, Texas.,  November 2014

"Merle was wonderful from the onset.  She was entirely focused on our son's every need. She quickly had our son on an appropriate feed and sleep schedule.  She was wonderful at communicating with him and had him cooing, smiling and laughing.  She was also very sweet to our older boys and they responded very well to her.  Merle is and outstanding Baby Nurse, with many years of experience and truly loves babies."
____________________________________Sara M. K., M.D.,  Nashville, Tennessee.,  October 2014 

"Merle was exceptional, fantastic, warm, caring and attentive to our daughter.  She exceeded our expectations and gave me tips on baby care.  Merle helped and coached me on putting the baby on a feed and sleep schedule.  Most importantly, with Merle, I never worried or wondered how the baby was doing.   I poured over many infant care books before our baby was born.  Merle turned out to be those newborn care sleep training books I read in life form.  You will not regret hiring her."
_________________________________________________________Aba R., Atlanta, GA.,  May 2014

"Merle helped us care for our twins at night.  I was very nervous allowing someone else taking care of my children but, right away, I knew I had made the right decision hiring Merle.  She is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about newborn care. She is very loving and treated them like her own.  Merle also educated me and immediately after Merle's initial tips my children were sleeping for longer stretches, they were getting better night's sleep and happier babies in the morning."
_____________________________________________________Susan S., Roswell GA.,  March 2014

"We hired Merle because of her expertise in baby care and sleep training.  We were sleep deprived.  Merle was perfect for the job.  She was calm, confident, easy going, and was prepared to achieve her goal.  Neither of us were fans of the "cry it out technique."  By the end of her stay our son was extremely easy to put to bed and would sleep for 12 hours.  It was one of the best investments we have ever made.  Merle was trustworthy, easy to talk to, knows exactly when to give us privacy, pays attention to details and quite the perfectionist.  She moved seamlessly through the house, hardly noticeable that there was an extra person in the house.  These qualities are often difficult to find now-a-days.  Children are naturally drawn to Merle with her calm and nurturing demeanor."   
__________________________Wendy C-P., MD (Neonatologist).  Gainesville GA.,  November 2013 

"Merle has a natural instinct, the proper training and years of experience that makes her a wonderful Baby Nurse.  She was very warm and kind to our four-year-old daughter.  Whenever, I left the house I felt 100% comfortable leaving our newborn baby in Merle's care.  Merle is a kind, generous and caring individual who, if you welcome into your home, will take excellent care of your child."
_____________________________________________________Amy G., Athens, GA.,  October 2013

"Merle has a wealth of information.  Our daughter would not sleep for longer that 20-30 minutes without waking up and needing attention.  We had several night nurses help us, but none made any progress on {our daughter's} sleep schedule.  Merle came to the rescue to work with us seven night a week and made progress in several areas.  She weaned her from the 2am feeding, taught her to self soothe, weaned her from the dream feed and now she is sleeping through the night.  It took a lot of patience and we appreciate Merle's dedication."
_____________________________________________________Shannon G., Atlanta GA.,  April 2012

"Merle was phenomenal.  The most prominent memories I have of Merle is the ease at which she came into our home.  Excited and nervous about how the new addition will impact the current dynamics of the family, Merle came with such an air of confidence and ease that it immediately relaxed out entire family.  Her extensive work history with newborns coupled with her natural talent makes her ability to care for and 'read' newborns cues,- is truly superb. Our son had acid reflux, Merle remain steadfast, calm, never becoming frustrated with his constant crying and fussiness.  She was always nonjudgemental and very easy to be around in the home.  She interacted extremely well with our 3-1/2 year-old.  Merle was always clean and neat and moved seamlessly around our home."
__________________________________________________Noelle S., Atlanta GA.,  December 2011

"Merle is clearly dedicated to babies she work with, speaking to them lovingly.  She brings her varied experience on the job, with advice and guidance of feeding, sleeping, and general baby care.  For a family seeking a round the clock newborn baby care professional who will handle all things baby related with a high level of patience, Merle would be an excellent choice."
_____________________________________________________Cheryl D., New Jersey, January 2011

"Merle was a baby nurse for several months for my second child in 2006-7...and most recently finished a year with my second child.  She is an extremely loving and caring person who can handle all aspects of the baby nurse position professionally and with ease.  We have a son with autism, he requires a lot of extra effort on the part of everyone in the home, and Merle rose to the challenge beautifully.  Her ability to do this made a world of difference to me and my family."
_________________________________________Juliane P., Wellesley, MA.,  December 2006 & 2010

"Merle has great enthusiasm for her work and is very knowledgeable in the care of newborns.  She has been an enormous help with my twins for their first 6 months.  Merle has always carried out her duties with diligence, care and efficiency.  Her experience working in many different households has also made her sensitive to the unique needs and patterns of each family.  She is truly  professional in her field and I recommend her highly as a baby nurse."
______________________________________________Alexandra M., Atlanta, GA., September 2009 

"My son had colic and Merle was very patient.  She was very professional, patient and well informed about taking care of baby. She was very easy going and accommodating to live with.  We had booked Merle for 3 weeks and ended up keeping her for 3 months and during that time, we never had any issues living all together.  She was a pleasure to have around.  Even my 4 year old daughter missed her when she left.  Trust me we all did."
______________________________________________Allison W., Boca Raton, FL., December 2007

"Merle is a skilled baby nurse and great teacher, she was able to put new baby on a schedule with regard to our family's daily routine.  She helped us to understand how to soothe and comfort our baby when she fussed and cried.  Merle blended well into our family.  She was warm, friendly and interacted well with all of us.  She was always close when you needed her, but, also gave us privacy and personal time with our family and visiting friends.  Having Merle as our baby nurse made the early weeks with our new baby pleasant, enjoyable and stress-free." 
________________________________________________Heliane & David R., Amber, PA., May 2006

"Merle taught us the basics of caring for our newborn son, and, she did all of this with a sense of pride, caring, but, most importantly, an abundance of love.  Merle loves babies, as this was obvious when it came to caring for our son.  We felt extremely confident in entrusting Merle with our son's life.  Thanks to Merle, our son was a happy and well-rested baby."
__________________________________________________Karen M., New York, NY., October 2005

"Merle was meticulous in her caring for our newborn in every-way.  She was very professional and taught us how to care for our newborn.  She was responsible for our baby's entire well-being.  Merle's personal care was neat and respectful of our home.  She was ease going and very loving."
_______________________________________________Nancy & Roy G., Hartsdale, NY.,  April 2003

"I originally booked Merle for 2 weeks but, asked her to stay longer when I realized what a wonderful blessing she was.  Her knowledge of newborn babies are superb.  Merle has excellent intuition and ability to work with newborns.  Her personality is simply fabulous, gracious and hard-working - a joy to be around constantly!  I truly felt like I had a family member at home."
_____________________________________________________________Sarah F., Keyport, NJ., 2002

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